Friday, August 2, 2013

Permanent Tourist Article

This write-up is one of the best that's been done on me and our World Unity Jazz Ensemble group with Keith Williams.  It captures the spirit of what we try to do with our music using relevant Videos, Photos & Interview. Thanks for checking it out!           Phil
phil morrison
When I met Phil Morrison I sensed an inner peace not often found during first meetings.  Phil is a very accomplished jazz musician whose talent is known throughout Coastal Georgia as he plays with his trio.
There's more to this man than meets the eye.  Phil is an oustanding musician but he is also a true humanitarian.  He believes that music can indeed heal the world.  In 2008 Phil's group, World Jazz Ensemble, appeared in concert with the Coastal Symphony of Georgia in their "Music of America" program.  The audience that evening was treated to a presentation of five songs written by Phil and orchestrated by his partner, Keith Williams.  Of great interest to me, the famous Chinese musician, Xiao Hui Ma, (pronounced Shaow-Way) performed on her "Erhu", an instrument you may have heard her play in the wonderful movie, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", a personal favorite of mine.  Dressed in a traditional Chinese costume,  Xiao Hui Ma, delighted her captive audience.  The entire performance was something different, captivating and likely to be repeated in the not too distant future.
You see, Phil believes that music is the one common denominator among all people of the world.  He believes that music can reunite the world and heal the many troubles and challenges we all face in our hectic lifestyles.  By joining with artists from all around the globe, Phil sees the possibility of truly reconnecting all of the people of all countries.   I hope to stand in the audience and applaud an unforgettable performance by artist's who may not speak the same language, but who definitely play the Universal language of music.
Keith Williams, pianist and arranger, has worked with Phil and his trio for years.  He now resides in San Francisco.  Phil and Keith have toured China, Japan and other Asian countries performing their mellow jazz, putting this genre of music on the map where little of it had been heard before.  In 2008 they were honored to have one of their songs selected as the  official song for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games and Shanghai Expo 2010!  Listen to an interview about their time at the Olympic Games here: (Preview)
Phil's music has been performed by The Coastal Symphony Orchestra as well as  the Honduras Symphony Orchestra.  His song of tribute for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was performed at the National Memorial Unveiling in Washington D.C.  He also wrote and performed "He Was The King" with the great Nat King Cole's brother, Freddy Cole.
Girl From Ipanema Book Inscription from Helo Pinheiro
Phil's song "Helo From Ipanema", actually written about the iconic "Girl From Ipanema" so well known from the Antonio Carlos Jobim classic, received a seal of approval from the girl herself.  Here's a version combining the two songs, performed by Keith Williams and his lovely wife, soloist, Kaori Yamada. (Preview)
sea island
Currently the Phil Morrison Trio performs on Sea Island, Wednesday and Saturday evenings, for members and their guests at the Southern Tide Restaurant, part of the fabulous beach club.  You'll be treated to original pieces as well as old favorites from artists such as Cole Porter, Nat King Cole and other great jazz artists.
I was thrilled to hear the recording of Phil's "Take Me To The Coast Of Georgia" which was chosen as the Official Song for Brunswick and the Golden Isles.  Treat yourself to a listen here: (Preview) .
At the bottom of Phil's business card you will read:  "Striving to be of Service to Humanity by Promoting International Harmony through Music!  Music from the heart....Phil Morrison, healing through music, one note at a time.
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